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VIBRASOUND – High performance – CLARK SYNTHESIS models


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Integrated in our VIBRASOUND range, the characteristics of these equipment dedicated them to extreme application.

Their restitution power (more than 130 Watts RMS), coupled with a very large bandwith (5 Hz / 17 kHz) allows them to generate very impressive infrabass.

They can be used to simulate an earthquake situation, to imitate the noise of the car engines in a race, or to transform the glass wall of a building into a powerfull sound system.

Your public will feel both the sound from the vibration and ear it directly.

Sensorial experience guaranteed !!!

Some examples:

– home cinema
– outdoor sound systems
– pool and spa sound systems
– boat and yacht sound systems
– simulators
– special effects

Also available for rent, VIBRASOUND exists in several models, sizes, power and has a variety of usages.

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