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Vibrasound range

VIBRASOUND – When materials produce sound


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VIBRASOUND is the audio solution to transform windows, furniture and pieces of ornamentation into true amazing invisible speakers.

A simple, easy and safe operating mode.

VIBRASOUND generates vibrations which are sent directly to the material on which it is hanged.
The material will react too and produce the sound as an amazing invisible speaker.

When you stick it to the window of a retail store, the entire window becomes an invisible speaker and rivets attention of passersby.

VIBRASOUND will always have a place in an exhibition, at a special event or scenographic area. It will literally transform material, objects into a real speaker and you will really feel the sound as if it were coming directly from the material.

Discreet and protected from the public, the equipment will be protected against any kind of vandalism.

A model for each usage

The VIBRASOUND range is very wide and there is always a model to satisfy the needs of every project.

Our transducers have a wide range of characteristics: active (embedded amplifier), passive, embedded mp3 player, indoor or outdoor usage, even waterproof in order to produce sound in a swimming pool…

Some examples:

– Sound windows: retail stores, museums, agencies…
– Sound furniture: desks, tables, chairs, wall, roofs…
– Close broadcasting to reduce reverberation or echo phenomena and prevent Larsen effect.
– Multimedia kiosks, vending machines…
– Broadcasting for hearing impaired (bone transmission).
Click here to download a detailed documentation

Also available for rent, VIBRASOUND exists in several models, sizes, power and way of using it.